25 January 2009

Auction News

Paul Mobley, a New York City based portrait photographer, is coming to Flagstaff to kick off the PJ/One silent auction!

An assistant to photographers like Annie Leibovitz, Steve Steigman, and David Langley in his earlier days and a very successful portrait photographer today, Mobley recently abandoned his studio life in the city to work on a challenging project of his own. Leaving with a camera, some lighting equipment and his car, Mobley embarked on a journey that led him to more than 200 farms in 37 states over a period of four years.

Mobley's stunning portraits from this journey take you into another time and place. Each image offers an intimate and raw look at the hardships and joys experienced by the American farmer.

Published in October 2008, Mobley's book about the American Farmer: The Heart of Our Country has already risen to be the number one photography book in the country right now.

It is our pleasure to say that Mobley will be speaking to students and the public on March 5, 2009 at the Communications building on the NAU Campus and will be attending the opening of the PJ/One silent auction on March 6, 2009 at Hidden Light LLC. For times and details, please check the calendar.

All of the photographs and artwork in the auction have been generously donated by professionals around the country in an effort to support student endeavours in photography.

The money raised by the silent auction is used to benefit our photojournalism students by bringing in guest speakers, sponsoring students to attend the CPOY and POYi judgings in Columbia, MO, as well as provide assistance in funding for photography projects.

In addition to Paul Mobley, past speakers have included Ami Vitale, Rick Loomis and Jeff Kida.

This year PJ/One hopes to send a handful of students to the Pictures of the Year International judging, where they will meet leading professionals from around the world, volunteer their services to assist with the judging and connect with photography students from around the country. PJ/One students who have had the privilage to attend the POYi judging in the past say it gave them invaluable knowledge and experiences which could never be gained in a classroom.

23 January 2009

PJ/One on Blogger!

Our Mission Statement:

PJ/One stands for Photojournalism First. It is Northern Arizona's student and community photojournalism group.

This group is a forum for students, alumni and the community to stay connected with other members and receive news about upcoming events and speakers. It is also available for members to post recent work for critique and post job/internship openings, moves, newspaper/journalism links and just about anything we would find interesting related to photojournalism.


During the spring semester, PJ/One hosts its annual photography and art auction. The reason for hosting this auction is to raise money to help support photojournalism students in their endeavors as well as to bring in professional photographers and photojournalists to speak to students and community members on a personal basis.

More information to come soon...