09 February 2009

PJ/One Silent Auction Update

Paul Mobley has generously agreed to speak to students and the public at 6:00 PM on March 5, 2009 at the Forestry Building on the NAU Campus. Click the image below to view a larger version.

As of right now there are 23 confirmed photographers and artists who have generously donated gorgeous photographs, paintings and sculptures to the PJ/One Silent Auction.

Paul Mobley
Jeffrey Becom
Shane Knight
Jess Vogelsang
Corey Allen
Tom Alexander
John Scanlan
Jay Showers
Peter Schwepker
David Brookover
Eddie Aguilar
Stephen Saunders
Erika Shultz
David Edwards
Laura Camden
Jeff Murray
Kirk Mastin
Russ Gilbert
Anthony Polvere
J.L. "Woody" Wooden

Randell Wilson (Pinter)
Joan Pevarnik (Ceramic Artist)
Stacy Mark (Painter)